GameMotion Minecraft

IP:                                                                                                                        Current Server Version: 3.1 (LATEST)

Here you can see current and old versions of GameMotionMC

Version 3.1 - 11/07/2015

.New Game: Snowball

.New Game: Platform Parkour

.New Game: Shoot to Kill (BETA - VIP+)

.Boosters Added

.6 New Achievements

.Added New Knockout Map

.Game Lobby Improved

.TNTWars> Nuker Class Improved

.Staff Section Improved

.Friends Improved

.Shop Display Moved

.Bug Fixes

Version 3.0 - 06/07/2015

.Double Coins Booster Added

.11 New Achievements (Secrets)

.Game Lobby Improved

.Spleef Improved

.Snowballer class Added

.Frozen Archer class Added

.Added New TNTWars & Armageddon Map

.Added New Fire Escape Map

.TNTWars Nuker Timeout Reduced

.DeathRun Improved

.Auto-Following Players Improved

.Following Improved

.Friends Improved

.3 DeathRun Maps Removed

Version 2.8 - 02/07/2015

.TNTWars> Nuker Class Improved

.Auto-Following Players after Death

.Following Improved

.A.I Improved

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.7.5 - 27/06/2015

.Rules Updated

.10 Achievements Added

.Experience added (Win a Game to earn Experience - Level Up per 50 Experience)

.Leave Game Button Added (When In-Game, open your inventory and click on the 'Leave Game' Button)

.Game Chat Initials Added

.Game Structure Improved

.Game Scoreboard Improved

.A.I Improved

.YouTube Advertising Fixed

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.7 - 20/06/2015

.Rules Updated

.5 Achievements Added

.Experience Added (Win a Game to earn experience)

.Leave Game Button Added (When In-Game, open your inventory and click on the 'Leave Game' button)

.Game Scoreboard Improved

.YouTube Advertisements Fixed

Version 2.6 - 14/06/2015

.Removed Game Chat Countdown

.Added Game Scoreboard Countdown

.Staff Section Improved

.Pre-Mod => Helper

.Voting Improved

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.5 - 04/06/2015

Shop Update

.Hats Shop > Shop

.Trails Shop > Shop

.Death Animations Shop > Shop

Achievements Update

.9 New Achievements

 - Basic, Server, Time, Villagers

 - Parkour, Friends, Shop, Game & Events

.A.I Improved

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.4 -  31/05/2015

Balloons/Celebration Update

.Added balloon Trail

.Added Balloons Death Animation

.Added Shop Display Section

 - Displays all Hats, Trails and Death Animations

.1 New Achievement

.Refer System Added

 - /refer

.Added Fire Escape Map: Middle-Earth

.Some Default Commands Board Improved

.Friends Improved

.Improved /follow for VIP & Elite

 - Follow Plays in the Hub & Game Lobby

.A.I Improved

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.3.5 - 27/05/2015

.2 New Achievements

.Added /info for Game Information

.Added Game Lobby Chat

.Improved /follow for VIP & Elite

 - Follow Plays in the Hub & Game Lobby

.Friends Menu Improved

.A.I Improved

.Trails Fixed

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.3 - 26/05/2015

.Added /crate chances

.New Fire Escape Map: Castle
.Improved Fire Escape Map: Three Towers

.Improved /follow for VIP & Elite

 - Follow Players in the HUB

.Victor> More Text

.Added Miniature Spawn

.Staff Section Improved

.Performance Improved

.A.I Improved

.General Improvements

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.2 - 23/05/2015

.New Painter Map: Pool Table

.Improved /follow for VIP & Elite

.Improved /buy

.Game Fireworks Improved

.A.I Improved

.Added /youtube (YouTube Application)

.Friends Bug Fixed

.General Improvements

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.1 - 21/05/2015

.Improved /fly for VIP & Elite

.Game Lobby Teleport Added

.Circular Vote Boards

.Donate Boards Added

.Default Command Boards Added

.Winner Titles Improved

.General Improvements

.Bug Fixes

Version 2.0 - 15/05/2015

.New Game: TNTWars

.New Game: Painter

.New Game: Fire Escape

.New Game: The Stomper

.Game Lobby Improves

.VIP & Elite > Fly in Game Lobby

Type /hub to return to the Hub

.20 New Achievements

.YouTube Rank Added

.Death Animations Added

.General Improvements

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.8.2 - 13/05/2015

.Performance Improvement

.Friends Menu Improved

./snepica Improved

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.8.1 - 13/05/2015

.Performance Improved

.New DeathRun Map: Sewers

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.8 - 10/05/2015

.A.I. Improved

.Scoreboards Added

.Game Payout Improved

.Money Screen Improved

.Crates Improved

.Friends Menu Improved

  - Refresh Menus

  - Friend Invites Menu Added

.New Zombie Survival Map: Dungeon

.Staff Section Improved

.Changed DeathCoins to Coins

.AFK Improved

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.7.5 - 09/05/2015

.A.I. Improved

.Game Sounds Added

.New DeathRun Map: The Lab

.New Parkour: Fun Parkour

.Hats Improved

.Trails Added

.Added to Game Lobby:

  - Friend Menu

  - Hats Shop

  - Trails Shop

.Crates Improved

.Friends Improved

.4 Secrets Added

.The King Added

.Villagers Improved

.Game Notifications Added

.Staff Section Added

.Bug Fixes

Version - 07/05/2015

Security Update

Every Update increases the Security of this Server. This means that we can track down Hackers better.       



Abusing Chat or trying to avoid A.I. Results in a Permanent Mute!

Hacking results in a Permanent Ban. With this update the Staff gets more power to track hackers down. This said; if you're using a hacked client right now, please use the default client instead.

Version 1.6.2 - 04/05/2015

.Zombie Survival Improved:




  -Updated Map

  -Arrow Fix

.A.I Improved

.Warnings Added


.Boards Improved

.Update Board Moved

.AFK Improved


.Bug Fixes

Version 1.6.1 - 03/05/2015

.Zombie Survival Improved:




  -Updated map

  -Arrow Fix

.A.I Improved


.Bug Fixes

Version 1.6 - 02/05/2015

.Zombie Survival Improved:




-Updated map

.A.I Improved


.Bug Fixes

Version - 29/04/2015

.A.I Improved

.Easy/Hard Parkour Improved

.Boards Improved

.Join/Leave messages limited to VIP and up

.Improved Reloading

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.5.2 - 26/04/2015

.New Minigame: Zombie Survival

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.5.1 - 18/04/2015

.New Minigame: Knockout

.New Game Lobby

.Game Lobby Chat added

.Advanced Chat Filter A.I System

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.4.9 - 04/04/2015

.Double Jump added

.Stacker added

.Command '/vote' improved

.AFK System Improved

.Crates Improved

.New DeathRun Map: Volcanic Panic by Luigiman420

.New DeathRun Map: Castle by SnepicaStudios

.New DeathRun Map: Prison by Dylan3304, MinecraftSwegger and Awesome_Austin8

.New DeathRun Map: Farm by ShiniGamis

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.4.8 - 29/03/2015

.New Command: /friend

.Added Friend System
.Added Hats Shop

.New Command /p

.Party System Improved

.New Spleef Map: Cave by GameMotion

.New Spleef Map: Nether by GameMotion

.New Spleef Map: Marine by GameMotion

.New Spleef Map: Jungle by SnepicaStudios

.Vote and Earn DeathCoins

.Improved /help Command

.Portals Improved

.Bug Fixes

Version 1.4.7 - 27/03/2015

.New minigame: Spleef

.New Command: /party

.New Party System

.Higher Crate Chances

.Player Visibility Improved

.Game Ending Indicator Added

.Permanent Map Voting

.AFK Time-out Lowered

,New Broadcast Messages

.Update Board Location Changed

.DeathRun: Jungle Map Fix

.DeathRun: Death Fix

Version 1.4.6 - 22/03/15

.New Command: /list

.New Command: /rules

.New DeathRun map: "Jungle" by SnepicaStudios

.AFK Improvements

.Improved Voting Systems

.Rank Prefixes

.Tab Menu Improved

.General Bugfixes

Version 1.4.5 - 20/03/15

.Spawn-Title Improved

.In-Game Boards

.AFK-Remove System

.Donator Points

.Weather (Rain) Removed

.Update Boards Lowered

.Nether Map Teleport Fix

.General Improvements

.General Bugfixes

Version 1.4.3 - 15/03/15

.Custom, original plugin added made by Snepica Studios

.Reduced lots of lag with the new plugin

.Fixed some bugs

.New in-game shop items (Regen & Night-Vision)

.Vote System

Version 1.4.0 - 04/03/15

.Redstone improvements - less lag

.New map - "Frozen" by Dragon8oy

.New map - "Skylands" by Skylander85

.Updated spawn

.New features at the end of the maps

Version 1.2.5 - 20/02/15

.Lots Of Bug fixes

.Huge Trap Improvements

.Displays "DeathCoins" Under Player's Username

Version 1.2.0 - 18/02/15

.New map - "Abandoned Mineshaft"

.New Feature - "Crates" - End of each round there is a 1/9 chance of a "Crate" appearing. It goes to a random player and they get a random reward

Version 1.1.0 - 17/02/15

.Pointshop where you can spend "Death Coins"

.Changed Parkour to make "Medium" Parkour harder

.Added Potions to the shop

.Added "Death Coins" as the reward when completing the Parkour

.Parkour is harder to complete

Version 1.0.0 - 01/02/15

."Minecraft" Map

."Cave" Map

."Nether" Map

."Mystery" Map

.New Spawn with parkour puzzles to win 3 different types of prizes ( Easy, Medium, Hard )

.Added Prefixes for some teams