GameMotion Minecraft

IP:                                                                                                                        Current Server Version: 3.1 (LATEST)

DeathRun: DeathRun is a gamemode from Garry's Mod that we implemented into GameMotion Minecraft. It was the first minigame on the server and we therefore named the website "deathrunmc". There are 2 teams, Runners and the Death. The Runners have to run past the traps that the Death has to activate to try and kill them. If the Runners make it to the end of the map, they get to take their revenge and kill the Death.

The "Nether" map from DeathRun

The "Abandoned Mineshaft" map from DeathRun

The "Skylands" map from DeathRun

Spleef: Spleef is a popular minigame in Minecraft. Everyone spawns with a shovel and you have to dig up the snow in attempt to make people fall off the snow and into the lava. There are also several different maps.

A Spleef map before a round

A Spleef game in progress

A Spleef game just with 2 people left

Knockout: Knockout is a small, yet fun minigame where everyone is given a stick and you have to knock people off a small platform while trying to stay on yourself.

A Knockout match that has just started

A Knockout match in progress

A Knockout match about to finish

Zombie Survival: A simple survival game that can be played alone, or with the help of other survivors. Buy armour, weapons and potions to help survive the waves of zombies.

A Zombie Survival wave just starting

A Zombie Survival wave in progress

A Zombie Survival wave near ending

TNTWars: TNTWars is an intensive Game where everybody can throw with TNT.

You can throw TNT by left-clicking

You can place TNT by right-clicking

When shifting, use right-click to place it directly on your head.

  - Pick-up TNT: You can pick-up a TNT by right-clicking on the TNT when Primed. If the TNT is on your head, it will be trying to explode. So be quick with throwing it away. 

  - Throw TNT: When you have TNT, you can throw it away by right-clicking.

A TNTWars match in progress

A TNTWars match in progress

A TNTWars battlefield changing

Armageddon: Armageddon is a Game where Bombs will be dropped from the sky. In order for you to win you will have to survive until the timer runs out. But look out! The longer the match takes, the more Bombs will be dropped. And also look out for the changing battlefield.


The Painter: In the Game Painter, you have to run and Parkour to survive. All Players will have a trail of Paint behind them.

You will have a trail of Paint behind you which will disappear after a few seconds.

     - Block Time-out: This means that when you walk on a block and it breaks, the time-out will be the Block Time-out. So... when you break a block it will be repaired after the Block Time-out.

     - Brush Size: This is the Brush Size that you are painting with. When the Brush Size is 1, you will only destroy blocks beneath you. When this is higher, it will be harder to walk around and parkour. The Minimum Brush Size is 1 and the Maximum Brush Size is 2.


Fire Escape: Fire Escape is a game where you have to run from the Fire.

Fire: When you are close to the Fire, you will be set on fire and you will be damaged for 3 Hearts.

To Finish: To Finish, you have to stand on the Emerald Blocks. When this has happened, all the remaining Players who are still alive will win also.


The Stomper: The Stomper is a PVP/Team Based Game. In this Game there will be 1 Stomper who has to eliminate all the other players. The Stomper has a variety of different powerful weapons to use against the Players.

The Stomper's Equipment: 

  - Stomper Leap: This is The Stomper's main weapon. When right-clicked, The Stomper can leap over players. This can used to       either escape or attack the Players!

  - Stomper Bow: This is The Stomper's main range weapon. When right-clicked, The Stomper will fire an arrow that will explode       after a few seconds. This can be used to either attack or lure the Players!

  - Stomper Cloak: When right-clicked, The Stomper will be turned invisible with a Pumpkin on its head. The Players who are alive     will get a blindness effect which will stay as long as The Stomper has a Pumpkin on its head.

  - Stomper Bomb: When right-clicked, The Stomper will shoot into the air. When in the air, The Stomper will shoot deadly Bombs/     The Bombs will auto-fire but The Stomper still has to aim to get the Bomb where wanted.